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TRA-C industrie is renowned for its expertise in friction stir welding (FSW).

The company has an R&D department dedicated to friction stir joining of heterogeneous alloys. This cutting-edge technology offers numerous advantages.

This welding method is fast, economical and requires no filler metal. It works with a wear-resistant rotating tool. In addition to its multi-material weldability, this industrial welding method can also be used on thicker materials.

Diversity & innovation

Industrial sectors: prospects, challenges & opportunities

Industrial innovation lies at the heart of progress. This diversity poses challenges such as international competition and rapid technological change. Industrial change also offers competitive advantages, such as access to new talent, new markets and new perspectives.

The automotive industry, a dynamic sector

Development of electric, hybrid and autonomous cars.

Aerospace combines engineering, science and technology

Manufacturing airliners requires technical know-how.

Renewable energies are popular

Governments and companies are investing to accelerate the energy transition.

Technology is omnipresent in our daily lives

Artificial intelligence is a booming field.

Pushing the limits

Technological advances redefine industry

Technological advances are opening up new ways of designing and producing goods and services. From augmented reality to 3D printers, these technologies are revolutionizing manufacturing processes. These innovations are paving the way for innovative possibilities for consumers and businesses alike. They are impacting industry and your everyday life.

Manufacturing technologies

High safety standards

Innovative materials

At the heart of technological advances

Artificial intelligence

Performing complex tasks

Regulations and standards

Quality standards and industrial regulations

Quality regulations and standards are key elements of the industrial sector. They are designed to protect consumers, workers and the environment. These regulations can also pose challenges, such as compliance and costs. Quality standards offer competitive advantages.

Investing in compliance

Adapting to regulatory change

Ensuring industry compliance

Machine tools

Production automation, precision & efficiency

Machine tools enable materials to be shaped, cut, drilled and assembled with unrivalled precision. Production automation produces goods quickly and accurately, while reducing costs and lead times. They help improve productivity and innovation.


Cutting machines

Transforming materials

Cutting machines are used in the automotive, aeronautics, construction and electronics industries.


Milling machines

Woodworking tools

We distinguish between manual milling machines, column milling machines and CNC milling machines.


Forming machines

Machine tools

The most common forming machines are press brakes, benders, rollers and shears.